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RampCheck Aviation & The Rumfallo Brothers


In 2016, Aaron and Ryan sat down for lunch and began discussing how they could use their experience to create their own space in the aviation industry. Enlisting Tony and his experience as well, they further discussed how to create a broad and accessible platform within the aviation community to share information, creative merchandising, and connect with fellow “Avgeeks” across the world. RampCheck Global / Aviation was born from these ideas, and thanks to the aviation community, is continuing to expand. Read on for information about the Rumfallo Brothers and how they developed their love for all things Aviation!

Tony: The oldest of the brothers, Tony’s earliest aviation memories were from sitting at the end of runways with his dad and sister. Building model airplanes and “staging” them in flight for pictures was a favorite hobby from his youth. Tony later credits the movie “Top Gun” for that final push to join the Armed Forces.  Since he knew joining the Navy or the Marines meant an inevitable relationship with water (Swimming was NEVER his thing) Tony decided the best option for working with jets and “seeing the world” the United States Air Force, and enlisted in 1987 right after high school. Ironically, he was ultimately assigned to his home state of Utah at Hill Air Force Base. Tony served a combined six years in the USAF, and the Utah Air National Guard after extending his commitment. Tony began his journey into the commercial and general aviation field by working for commercial airlines and FBO’s on the flight line at Salt Lake International Airport, Denver International Airport, and Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. While working for Southwest Airlines, Tony had the opportunity to become a Reservations Trainer/Instructor enabling him to travel across the country training reservation agents. In 2002 Tony received his Flight Dispatch License and began a ten-year career as a flight dispatcher for Skywest Airlines. That same year, an opportunity to work in NBC’s Broadcast Center during the Salt Lake Winter Olympics presented itself, which Tony gladly accepted. Drawing from that experience, along with 20 years of being a DJ for various radio stations enabled the production of The Rampcheck Podcast, allowing Tony to combine his love of aviation with broadcasting.  Tony’s military, commercial, and general aviation career provided opportunities to secure flights in everything from a Douglas DC-3 while working the Wendover Air Show, to a C-5 Glaxy while enlisted in the USAF. There have been many more flights and Tony will happily provide his full, impressive list if you ask! 


Aaron:  Aaron is the middle brother who also developed his love of aviation at a very young age. His early flight experiences were in general aviation, first on a Bell 206 JetRanger while attending an air show, a Cessna 120, as a surprise flight from an acquaintance and on Classic Lifeguard III’s Bell 206 LongRanger in the Lake Powell area where his brother in law was working as a flight paramedic. He's even logged a little flight time along the way. Aaron began his career in aviation in his late teens when he moved to Colorado to work on the ramp with Tony for United Express. Aaron’s career would take him to Salt Lake International Airport, Provo Municipal Airport, and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport as he worked for Hudson General, Million Air, Gateway Aviation Services, and finally as aircraft de-icing manager for ASIG. Working the ramp provided many opportunities for creating relationships as well as contributing to Aaron’s love of photography. It was often his photography skills that enabled unique access to in-flight photo experiences with the Utah Air National Guard’s 151st Air Refueling Wing, and three such flights with the United States Army’s Parachute Team, The Golden Knights. In the private sector, Aaron has flown in and “shot” on the B-25 “Super Rabbit,” The B-17G “Sentimental Journey,” and even had the opportunity to fly with the late Russ McDonald in his P-51 Mustang “Newf,” one of Aaron’s favorite memories. Another favorite memory was flying with helicopter pilot legend Chuck Aaron in his Bo-105 aerobatic helicopter doing loops and barrel rolls over Tucson, AZ.  Be sure to check out Aaron’s photos and videos across all of Rampcheck Global’s platforms.

Ryan: The youngest of the Rumfallo brothers, there was no way Ryan wasn’t going to develop a love of aviation. His earliest memories were also attending airshows and sitting at the end of runways. Ryan’s childhood home was in the flight path for Salt Lake International Airport, where he used to grab his scanner and sit on top of the shed so he could watch airplanes and log flights. At the age of 18, Ryan got a job sorting mail at Salt Lake International Airport just so he could work near airplanes. One of his favorite memories of those early days was when he would sit at the observation deck and eat his lunch. Wanting to stay in aviation, Ryan began working the ramp for the commercial airlines Winair, Jet Blue, and Frontier Airlines. He then “crossed the runway” to the general aviation side of Salt Lake International and began a long career working at FBO’s servicing and deicing aircraft for Million Air, Tac Air, and Atlantic. During his time in general aviation, Ryan was a Deice Coordinator, a Line Supervisor and a Training Manager. He serviced private aircraft, air ambulances, and numerous charter flights ranging from The Utah Air National Guard, to professional sports teams. The 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and an opportunity to work in Houston for Super Bowl XXXVIII remain highlights in his 16- plus year career.  He will tell you that it is easier to list celebrities he hasn’t met, rather than list those he has! Ryan is the athlete of the family, and loves both playing sports and coaching. He has coached sports at the high school level, primarily girls’ soccer, for nearly 15 years. In addition to his enthusiasm for being a part of Rampcheck and the aviation community, he can frequently be found spending time with family, and most likely quoting something from the TV show “Scrubs.”


Check out The RampCheck Podcast to hear the brothers share more of their history and experiences in aviation!

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